When can I join SSTAC?
Admissions into SSTAC is strickly from JSS1 only.
Will I be able to write and pass Nigerian curriculum based exam?
Yes! Infact our curriculum is designed in such a way that our students will not only pass the Nigerian based exam, they will excel in them and also repeat same on international stage. Therefore our curriculum incorporates the Nigerian, British and American scheme of work and teaching methods.
Are you affiliated with any international schools and universities?
Yes, we are affiliated with some Universities from the U.K and scholarship awarding bodies in the U.S. Also we are in current talks with these schools for the opportunity of a 3 to 6 months exchange programme scheme for our students. So a very excitng time to be a student of Shalom Science and Technology Academy(SSTAC).
What differenciates SSTAC from other main stream secondary schools?
SSTAC is a first of it's kind private science, computer and technology academy in Nigeria. Our curriculum is carefully designed to emphasise pratical knowledge and implementation science, computer and technology. We achieve this through the use of enquiry based materials and STEM methodologies.
Is there an exam to get into SSTAC?
Yes there is. Registration is currently ongoing. Please call SSTAC to confirm examination dates. We will also be having OPEN DAY events throughout the year.
Where would I go after a 6 years study time with SSTAC?
We believe that after 6 years of learning with SSTAC, our students can progress to any institution of learning around the world without any difficulty as our student services will provide expert support and guidance throughout the application process. Also, we would have equiped our students with so much skill and pratical knowledge that they can comfortably progress to an exciting apprenticeships in industries or employment.

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