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"Developing Nigeria scientifically and technologically, through early exposure of children to basic scientific and technological concepts".

Shalom Science and Technology (SSTAC) vision came as a result of it’s sister college Shalom Academy Nsukka (SAN) winning the national Olympiad competition consecutively in 2008 and 2009 in Biology and Physics respectively hence proceeded to represent Nigeria in India 2008 and Japan 2009. Unfortunately, the obvious deficiency when it came to practical implementation of biology and Physics using 21st century equipment meant that they couldn’t perform on the world stage even after scoring high on theoretical knowledge. Therefore to avoid a repeat and to ensure that the country is made proud on the next outing, the management of Shalom Schools Limited embarked on this gigantic feat by leading the way through a first of it’s kind pure science and technology academy. In the U.K. such colleges are called University Technical college (UTC).

Therefore she intends to educate and train STEM literate students who will collaborate to solve real life-national problems utilizing inquiry-based materials.


SSTAC Passionately believes that by improving the development process of young people with practical knowledge of science, computer and technology for career in these fields at all levels, the future economic prosperity of Nigeria is guaranteed.

We intend to achieve this through:
Raising Godly children who will occupy professional fields (Medicine, Engineering, Computer Science, Scientist, Pharmacy, etc) in Nigeria through deligent study of theoritical and practical aspects of science, computer knowledge and technology.