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Dr. Wilfred Onu (PhD) Profile

Early Life

He was born on 24th October 1958 to the family of Late Mr Emmanuel Onu and Mrs Mercy Onu. At Amalla-Ogbo, Ezimo Uno, Udenu Local government, Enugu state.

Educational History

Wilfred Chukwudi Onu had his pre-primary education at Amalla-Ogbo village hall established by his late father in 1962. By 1964, he began his primary education at St Paul’s Anglican primary school Ibagwa Ezimo. However, unfortunately due to the Nigeria civil war, his primary education was disrupted until 1970 when he resumed at primary 4 in the same school.

In 1971, he joined St Peter’s Anglican primary school where he did his primary 5 and in 1972, he completed his primary education at St Christopher’s catholic school Ezimo Uno and thus obtaining his first school leaving certificate. In 1973, he enrolled at the famous St. Teresa’s college Nsukka for his secondary education, this lasted for three years as Willy made a federal scholarship for Lounds Teachers College Iwollo where he trained as a pivotal teacher. Willy obtained his General Certificate of education in 1978 and a Teacher grade II Certificate in 1979.

In 1981, Willy went to the famous University of Nigeria, to study combined honours degree in Education and in 1985 he successfully obtained BA(Ed) degree certificate with upper second class honors, by 1986 he has finished his M.Ed in Educational Psychology and in 2004 he had bagged his doctorate degree in the same field. Willy’s desire to be an astute administrator, made him enroll into the Administration College of Nigeria (ASCON) examination which he passed with A grade. Since then he has been attending courses in education.
He has equally co-published with his wife in reputable journals around the globe.

Civil Service Career life

Willy is an educationist true and true having taught in various levels of education. On completion of his teacher grade II certificate in 1979, he began teaching in Central School Mbu-Amon in Isi-uzo LGA of Enugu State. In 1987 after his youth service, he was posted to Igbo Eze secondary school where he taught for four years and was posted to the state Education commission as an education officer principally assigned with investigating and supervisory roles. He distinguished himself in his roles that by 1993, he became an administrative officer in the then State Education Commission Enugu State. He is so conversant with rudiments of education that whatever he did then in the commission was found impeccable.

Business Career Life

Willy got bored with the red tape in the Nigerian educational system that he voluntarily resigned his appointment with the state education in 1996 and took to private educational endeavours. Actually by 1994, he and his wife had come in contact with the Oliver Branch menonite Outreach of Pennsylvania United States who fired in them the need to start a private Christian school. There in 1994 Shalom International school was established in Nsukka Nigeria. Though a primary school, the quality of teaching and learning in the school soon attracted people in and outside Nigeria that it became "the private school in Nsukka". By 1999 it was obvious that the secondary arm of the school was needed hence the establishment of Shalom Academy Nsukka on Oct 4 1999.

Shalom Academy has gained both national and international reputation and recognition. Apart from many state and national competition which she keeps winning, Shalom Academy has represented Nigeria in 2008 and 2009 world Biology Olympaids in India and Japan respectively. She holds currently Governor Chime’s cup from 2008 till date, among others. Furthermore, the products of Shalom Academy are spread all over the world in enviable tertiary institutions in the US, UK, Ukraine, Ghana, Russia to mention but a few. Very many professionals in medicine, law, engineering, astro-physics, education, banking etc have been raised from Shalom Academy. The school itself under the management of a team of professionals led by Willy and his wife, this has held the school to an enviable standard. Examination malpractice is seen as an evil and so the school has a zero tolerance to it. The curricular are implemented with all diligence and the students see it as a pleasure to be in the school everyday. As a Christian school, we teach Christ-centric education where godliness and academics are pursued with equal force. Willy equally owns a transport company called Eastern Gateway mass Transit an outfit that has helped in managing volatile situation and diverse people with diverse family background.

In pursuit of excellence, Willy has travelled to the UK, USA and has undertaken a close study of the High Schools and colleges in these countries. It is based on his discoveries in these countries that Willy and family has decided to establish a global science and technology academy called Shalom Science and Technology Academy (SSTAC) in Enugu Nigeria. The work is at an advanced state and it is hoped that this school will raise greater scientists of our time who will address the problems of Nigeria in terms of Science, Agriculture, Engineering, technology etc. Willy and his family member are seeing SSTAC as a centre of Science and Technology learning where creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship shall take a centre stage. SSTAC is going to be manned and administered by a group of professionals in the field of Education, Engineering, Economics, Robotics, etc. to ensure a solid foundation for the students who are science oriented. Also practical exposure of students aimed at theoretical orientation of Science, Computer and Teacnology in a conducive environment is the main goal of SSTAC.

Christian life

Willy was born into a religious family but got to know Christ as his lord, redeemer and personal saviour first in 1981 as a first year undergraduate student in UNN. Since then he has stuck to teachings and life of a Christian.

Leadership Positions
  • 1975-1979: the chief food receiver of the Lourders Teachers College Iwollo
  • Secretary Ezimo Students union
  • 1982-1983: contested and won the welfare office of the University of Nigeria Students Union Government (SUG).
  • 1984: editor in chief of the Educator, faculty of Education, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
  • 1984-1992: Secretary General Ezimo Community secondary school building committee.
  • 1992: President Scripture Union fellowship Onuiyi, Nsukka.
  • 1994: Zonal Representative Scripture Union Nigeria Onuiyi zone.
  • 2008-2014: Chairman Scripture Union Nigeria Nsukka Area.
  • 2006-2013: Chairman Board of Education Glorious Vision Seminary Osisioma Aba- Abia state.
  • 1994-date: Founder Multi Educational Trust (MEST) Nsukka.
  • 1994-date: Founder and managing director Shalom International School Nsukka.
  • 1999-date: Founder and managing director Shalom Academy Nsukka.
  • 2004-date: Founder and managing director Shalom International school Obollo-Afor
  • 2006-date: Founder and managing director shalom Academy Obollo-Afor
  • 1998-date: Founder and chairman Eastern Gateway Mass Transit
  • 1994-date: Educational consultant Enugu North Diocese of the Anglican Communion Enugu State.
  • 2014-date: Chairman Advisory Board missions and Bible use Scripture Union Nigeria.

Family Life

Willy is married to his wife Vicky who is an Associate professor in Special Education (Gifted) at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. They have three surviving children:

  • Tochukwu E. Onu (MSc. Engineering and Management, BEng Mechanical Engineering. Exeter and Coventry University United Kingdom respectively).
  • Mr Ikechukwu Joseph Onu( MSc., BA Financial Economics, Southampton and Coventry University United Kingdom respectively).
  • Amarachukwu Chukwuemeka (B Pharm University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Married with a child called Adaebube Precious Chukwuemeka).

Willy and Vicky are currently in Nsukka, Nigeria but may soon relocate to Enugu to actualize SSTAC vision.

Willy has a brother Onu Isaac Uchenna (PhD) also an educationist and a school proprietor as well as his mother Mercy is still living and stays in their village Amallaogbo Ezimo-uno in Udenu LGA of Enugu State.


Willy likes watching football, reading newspaper and analyzing social, religious and political matters.

Favourite food

Rice and Beans, Fufu with Egusi soup.