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Shalom Science and Technology Academy (SSTAC) is a first of its kind pure Science and Technology Secondary School in Nigeria. It is located in the regional hub of Enugu state precisely in industrial layout Emene, Opposite PRODA. One of the numerous selling points of SSTAC is that the college has come at a time when it has become clear that a developing country like Nigeria needs as much individuals with the knowledge and practical implementation of science and technology who would lead the way in these fields (Medicine, Science, Agriculture, Engineering and Technology etc).


Some of the highlights of SSTAC are:

Fully Equipped Science Laboratories and Technology workshops

Over 36 years of Experienced leadership and Management team with international affiliations
A world class yet friendly campus environment

First class accommodation with ensuite facilities

A sister college to Shalom Academy Nsukka (SAN) which has represented Nigeria in the International Olympiad competitions in India 2008 and Japan 2009
Creative team with an impressive list of technical skills

Purpose built Information Communication Technology (ICT) Hub

Emphasis on Creativity, Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering and Entrepreneurship (CISTEE) Etc.


Achievable objectives of SSTAC are:

  1. Leading the way in training and developing scientifically, technologically and computer literate students in Nigeria
  2. A global college that will produce the best brains to help in leadership and development agenda of Nigeria
  3. Raising students who would represent Nigeria internationally in science, technology and computing competitions.

Keys to Success

Our major key to success in Shalom Science and Technology Academy (SSTAC) lies in our continuous emphasis and practical leadership style in the aspect of discipline, hard work, fear of God and the strict adherence to the coverage of curricular content of the school.